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Beijing Glorious Future Glass Co., Ltd is specialized in deep processing and sales of architectural glass. We can supply customized flat glass in jumbo sizes. Our main products include: 

tempered 15-25 mm clear and ultra clear(low iron) glass; 
15-25 mm laminated glass; 
beveling, drilling, edges processing 
Glass size up to 12*3.3m 
low-e glass; insulated glass

Over 14 years efforts, we are gaining a rising fame and reputation. Glorious Future Glass has become the most characteristic and professional super large flat glass processing enterprise.

We have 8000 sqm workshops, 2 production lines of full automatic glass cold working, 1 production line of hot working (dimension of toughening furnace is 11.5 m*3 m, it is one of the biggest forced convectional toughening furnace in north China), and 1 super large type laminating production line. It can also do the homogenization (hot dipping) treatment of tempered glass with dimension up to 12 m*3.3 m.

With the numerous classic glass projects we designed and installed, we have become a model of building glass industry.

We are also the agent of international and domestic glass tool products, various glass tool products can meet needs of all glass processing enterprises. 

Qingdao Glorious Future Energy Saving Glass Co., Ltd. is cofounded by Beijing Glorious Future Glass Co., Ltd, Qingdao Yuanhe Yida Glass Industrial Co., Ltd and Qingdao Yuanhe Investment Holding Co., Ltd, it is a large scale high-tech enterprise that mainly engaged in Low-E glass production. The company located in Liquanzhuang industrial zone, in the south of Laixi, Qingdao , it covers an area of 110 mu and invested 100 million more to introduce advanced glass processing equipments from Germany, Austria and South Korea to produce a new generation of green, low carbon, energy conservation and environmental friendly Low-E energy saving glass. Among the Low-E film coating production line , what make us most proud of is the large scale vacuum magnetron sputtering film coating production line that is provided by LEYBOLD, BENTELER and other world’s top equipment manufacturers, it equipped with 15 group cathode and with annual output of 3 million square meters.

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