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15 mm tempered glass/low iron glass

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Ultra clear float glass is also named low iron float glass. Normally it is a kind of plant glass with highly clarity, highly transmittance, highly smooth. And it is a new type of deeply processed glass, also it is a new type advanced structural glass with environment protection, economic on energy. The glass is a lower iron float glass and be made by a special process. Unlike the clear float glass of green color, it looks highly transmissible, terrific, just like colorless crystal.

It is highly used widely in construction, decorations, and display window exhibited by top-grade valuable products. The ultra-clear glass can be cut, holed and side-rubbed, and also can be tempered, laminated heat bended and so on. Besides it also can be coated, printed and figured on the surface. 

1. Excellent clarity ensures true colors are seen and optimum vision quality is achieved when looking through the glass.

2. Offers a high level of light transmittance.
3. Creates maximum light inside rooms due to the products high level of transparency.
4. Particularly beneficial for thicker laminated products, affording a high level of transparency.
5. The edges of the glass remain white, unlike other glass making it ideal for use in furniture.

Thickness: 15 mm

Size: up to 11.5*3m

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