Carbide Cutting Wheels 02

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  • Brand:    Bohle
  • Type:    BO 02A000
  • Price:     RMB
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Standard pack consists of 10 wheels. To order packs of 100, please add an H to the order number (e.g. BO 02A135,02A145,02A155,). Other angles are available to order. When ordering, please indicate the art. no., e.g. BO 02A000, and the cutting angle in the text of your order · suitable carbide axle BO 496.130 · suitable carbide holder BO 432.3 

  • For further cutting angles, please refer to our Online Shop.

Silberschnitt® Carbide Cutting Wheels 02
Diameter 5,00 mm
Thickness 1,00 mm
Bore hole 1,30 mm
Bracket 135 °,145 °,155 °.
Grind Active
Sales unit 10 items
Weight 0.005 kg
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